The Treaty in Action – Nga Mahi Tiriti

Drama Magic Ltd is proud to announce the publication of this book which is aimed at Social Studies and Te Reo Maori students in upper primary and junior secondary school. The authors, Susan Battye and Kiri Waitai are grateful for the care, attention and guidance provided by the designer, Sarah Kindlean and editor, Helen Alcock at User Friendly Resources.  Click through to the User Friendly Resources website and follow the prompts to look through the book before making your  purchase of either a PDF or print copy of the book.

The Treaty in Action : Nga Mahi Tiriti

The Treaty of Waitangi is one of eight core principles that underpin The New Zealand Curriculum. Developed by New Zealand teachers and authors Kiri Waitai and Susan Battye, The Treaty in Action – Ngā Mahi Tiriti is a comprehensive, photocopiable resource that supports teachers and students to explore the unique bicultural nature of New Zealand society that has developed from the history and signing of the Treaty of Waitangi to the present day.

Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to:

· understand how cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes

· understand how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and that this has consequences for people

· understand how people make decisions about and use values in their schools.

Curriculum links: Social Sciences, English, Te Reo

The Education Review Office (ERO) suggested in recent report that many schools could consider building their understanding of the Treaty and its implications for school policy, organisation and planning. “Schools need to consider to what extent the Treaty of Waitangi principle is evident in the interpretation and implementation of their school curriculum and is enacted in their classrooms.” This resource will support schools to do that.

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