New Dramatic Sketches by Susan Battye and More!


MAY 2019

Did you know?

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Most of the plays listed below have either been drama workshopped or produced by schools over the past year.

Full Length Play: A Colonial Devotion

Newly-wed and pregnant Jane Deans arrives at Riccarton from Scotland in 1853, little knowing that her promised life to a successful Canterbury farmer will require every ounce of fortitude she can muster to survive. [First performed by Riccarton High School, Year 11 Drama, 2018 Dir. Paddy Scott) Cast: 30 without doubling. With doubling: 7 F, 8 M

Themes: Love, Devotion, Adventure, Conservation, Farming

One Act Play:  Mocked

Lucinda recalls a boy related texting war between herself and former friend, Nina. Cast: 6 Female, 1 Male, 2 Either

Satirical style.

Themes: Misuse of Social Media, Fear of Gossip, Fear of Criticism

Dramatic Comedy Sketches

Kiwis in Paradise

American tourists, Bob and his wife Stacey encounter an enthusiastic Save the Kiwi collector, Amy, at the Franz Josef glacier Visitors’ Centre. [A 2016 Saving Endangered Species International Playwriting Competition finalist.] Cast 2 Female, 1 Male

Themes: Conservation, Tourism.

Virtual Reality

Gina is alone in her apartment with her virtual friend, when the Capitol Strangler comes calling. Cast: 1 Female, 1 Male, 1 Either

Themes: Anger, Fear of Isolation, Fear of Violence,


Frankie’s loyalty to Aidan is tested when Morgan belittles Aidan. Cast: 3 Either

Themes: Embarrassment, Death, Loyalty.


Alex’s offer to buy the pizzas on a first date turns into a vegan nightmare for Jesse.
Cast: 2 Either

Themes: Relationships, Beliefs, Fear of Rejection, Self-Image.


Max’s exam fears meet Bobbie’s desire to avoid humiliation and friendship loss.
Cast: 2 Either

Themes: Fear of Failure, Achievement, Friendship, Self-Image.

On the Game

Mrs Swift’s careers’ meeting with Jamie goes awry as they talk at cross purposes.

Cast: 1 Female, 1 Male.

Themes: Misunderstanding, Hopes, Dreams, Sexuality.

Mates Rates

Jace’s attempt to corrupt a newbie skateboarder is thwarted by super sleuth, Sage.

Cast: 1 Female, 1 Male, 1 Either

Themes: Age, Popularity, Deception, Fear of Rejection.

Quagmire Blues

Elliott’s tramping group becomes bogged down on the mountain.
Cast: 4 Either

Themes: Allegiances, Safety fears, Temperament, Skills

Waltzing Matilda

History student Jules learns important lessons from an elderly Miss Matilda.
Cast: 3 Either

Themes: Relationships, Loves, Family History, Age, Social Class

Bird Brained

Quarrelsome birds band together to save Kelly Kiwi from a certain death.
Cast: 2 Female, 2 Male, 3 Either

Themes: Intelligence, Fears, Conservation, Prejudice

Teaspoons of Life

Vulnerable Doreen’s keepsake is stolen by an unscrupulous family member.
Cast: 3 Female

Themes: Aging, Deception, Family feuds, Hobbies


Avery’s fixation with normality erupts when Puck has some lunchtime fun.
Cast: 2 Female, 1 Either

Themes: Fear of Gossip and Rejection, Prejudice

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