Sir Ed You’re a Legend a Hit in Wellywood

Regarding their recent production of Sir Ed You’re a Legend written by Susan Battye with music by Trevor Thwaites, the principal of Wellington’s Kelburn Normal Primary School , Andrew McFarlane wrote:

Our Year 5 & 6 syndicate was the team that put the production on. It was widely received by the parents and wide school as being a great hit.

The scripts were easy to learn and gave our teachers lots of springboards to start learning conversations about.

Regarding the music, some of the songs were great and explained the story. I do find song choice interesting for students in productions, having written a couple myself, and I wonder whether a flavor of modern song could be used to capture student attention and interest. Being a male I always find pitching for kids a challenge but maybe that is my voice.

Was a wonderful show.


The Head of Performing Arts at Kelburn Normal Primary School, Charles Bisley, added:

Thanks for the show- it was a success, especially for a group of boys we got motivated about drama as a result.




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