English Workbook NCEA Level 1 AS 1.6 CONSTRUCT AND DELIVER AN ORAL TEXT Authors : Susan Battye and David WortThe Sigma Workbook ‘AS 1.6 Construct and Deliver an Oral Text’ is a write-on student workbook covering the English skills needed to gain Achieved, Merit, or Excellence in this NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standard. The work in this book covers only Achievement Standard 1.6 (AS90857).This new workbook contains a large number of write-on student tasks designed to enable students to practise the necessary skills which will bring a deeper understanding to this area of the New Zealand English curriculum. Students will also find a large number of  detailed instruction boxes, glossaries and English resources that will help them develop the ideas, vocabulary and processes needed to gain a high level pass in the internal assessment for this Standard. Towards the end of the workbook there is a model of a Speech which candidates can use to compare with their own efforts in preparation for the internal assessment. A wide selection of oral presentations is covered and space is given over to the development of presentation skills. A full set of task answers is included, which act as a guide to structuring quality work. An abbreviated version of Achievement Standard 1.6 is included in the resource.Write-on student workbook Year 11 students studying Level 1 NCEA English. Provides full coverage of NCEA Achievement Standard 1.6 Construct and Deliver an Oral Text Total of 3 Credits Internally Assessed
Authors : S. Battye and D.J. Wort
64 pages  (includes a full set of answers) First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-877567-47-6Purchase Ref: EWB1.6For a list of retailers see: http://sigmapublications.co.nz/retailers.php

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