Team New Zealand and Peter Burling

Congratulations to Team New Zealand and their helmsman, Peter Burling on winning the America’s Cup! Just like Peter Blake, who  first won the cup for New Zealand in 1994, Burling began his sailing career in in Tauranga harbour in a P Class yacht – notoriously difficult to sail. There are many comparisons to be made between the two men in terms of their looks and character and dedication to sailing. Susan Battye’s My Story series book, Cup Magic,  has captured the glory of Team New Zealand’s first time win in San Diego through the eyes of a twelve year old boy, Mike Lucas who witnesses first hand the excitement of the Peter Blake led campaign. No doubt the late Peter Blake, had he been alive today would have been very intrigued by the changes in boat building technology that have taken place since NZL 32, Black Magic took to the water.

watch Who knows what is in store in for Team New Zealand, for Auckland and for young people who can get involved not only in the sport but also in the boat building industry that will no doubt be uplifted by this win?

click My Story New Zealand – Cup Magic, which was  published by Scholastic NZ is currently listed fourth in Scholastic’s list of  100 Kiwi Books!


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