Cup Magic Book Review (1)

Cup Magic Book Reviewer – Mary Wadsworth

Cup Magic

By Susan Battye (Scholastic)

The latest title in Scholastics’s My New Zealand Story series, this fictionalised tale is based on the America’s Cup campaign of 1995. The diary is written by 11-year-old Mike, whose parents work for the Team New Zealand. We meet Mike when he is upset and unsure of the reason he is living with his grandparents. He hardly ever sees his parents and fears a family break-up. Eventually, he learns that the mystery is because of their all-consuming work for Team New Zealand. He becomes more involved with what is going on and learns to sail. Finally he is able to travel to travel with his Mum and Dad for the campaign in San Diego. The excitement and emotion of this extraordinary time in our sporting history comes to life through Mike’s experience.

Herald on Sunday. June 9 2013. Living, Sunday Books pg. 23. 

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