English Workbook NCEA Level 1 AS 1.10 RESPONSE TO READ TEXTS

English Workbook NCEA Level 1 AS 1.10 RESPONSE TO READ TEXTS
Authors : Susan Battye and David Wort
The Sigma Workbook ‘AS 1.10 Response to Read Texts’ is a write-on student workbook covering the English skills needed to gain AchievedMerit, or Excellence in this NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standard. The work in this book covers only Achievement Standard 1.9 (AS90854).
This new workbook contains a large number of write-on student tasks designed to enable students to practise the necessary skills which will bring a deeper understanding to this area of the New Zealand English curriculum. Students will also find a large number detailed instruction boxes, glossaries and English resources that will help them develop the ideas and processes needed to gain a high level pass in the internal assessment for this Standard.
This workbook helps students form quality responses to texts they have independently selected and read themselves. Elements such as theme, setting, characters and plot of a text are explored and templates for preparing a Report are included. Beside extended texts, other text types covered include poetry, short story, and plays. A Sample Report is included showing exactly where the phrases that gain achievement, merit and excellence passes are located. An abbreviated version of Achievement Standard 1.10 is included in the resource.
Write-on student workbook
Year 11 students studying
Level 1 NCEA English
Provides full coverage of NCEA
Achievement Standard 1.10
Response To Read Texts
Total of 4 Credits
Internally Assessed
Authors : S. Battye and D.J. Wort
80 pages (includes a full set of answers)
First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-877567-50-6
Purchase Ref: EWB1.10
For a list of retailers see: http://sigmapublications.co.nz/retailers.php

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